A hands-on science lab for kids!
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Last November I stocked my shelves with a few items that are never going to sell because I don't typically have customers come in with 3 year olds. It is time to put those items on serious discount! I'm selling each of these for under $20 and they retail for a lot more.  Click here to check them out:  GREAT DEALS!! 


Kid's Night Out - 1st Friday & 3rd Saturday of the month - 6-10:30pm

  • Cost is $20 per kid and $15 for siblings.
  • For ages 4-12.
  • Includes food, movies, arts and crafts, Kinect Party, bingo, 1-on-1 bball, and a 45 minute escape challenge.

    It's Crystal Clear Camp - Spring Break Week - 9am-5pm

    • Cost is $275.
    • Includes snacks, drinks, and lab materials.  We can provide a lunch that includes an entree, side item, and drink for an additional $5.
    • We will be making over 2 dozen (yes, 2 dozen) different crystals this week. They will be experts at supersaturated solutions, nucleation/seed crystals, know what shapes crystals form in, and get to take home a box at the end of the week that showcases everything they made!!

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    Your kid could look this happy in a lab coat too!!!

    Hands-on time in our awesome lab is a really memorable way for kids to learn. We offer lots of exciting science experiences through:

    • Birthday Parties
    • Camps
    • Demos at Schools
    • Kids Night Outs
    • Escape Challenges
    • Group Lab Time
    • Homeschool Sessions
    • Quarterly Events
      We are a kid-friendly business that prides itself on being grownup and community friendly too...consider us a science destination for kids of ALL ages!