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Girl Scouts!

Austin is my hometown, and I pretty much consider everyone I meet my extended family.  Because of that, it has always been really important to me to give back to my community.  One of the ways I do that is by offering at-cost activities for Girl Scouts to earn achievements.  Here's what I've cooked up for the Elementary age girls.

Daisies can earn these petals:
  • Tula - Learn about courage and strength from astronaut Mae Jemison and conduct Astronaut Adventure experiments  
  • Clover - Learn about using resources wisely through a Model Aquifer experiment
  • Rosie - Learn about making the world a better place through a Water Filtration and Monitoring experiments
  • Gloria - Learn about respecting others and yourself by making Bath Bombs.
Brownies can earn their Brownie Quest Home Scientist badge:
  • Kitchen Scientist – Make vanilla ice cream

  • Create Static Electricity – Raise hair with a Van de Graaf generator

  • Dive Into Density – Floating lemons and limes

  • Make Something Bubble Up – Create baking soda geysers

  • Play With Science – Make super slime 

Each petal or badge takes 90 minutes to complete and can be conducted on a Saturday or Sunday morning before we have birthday parties and events or on any weekday afternoon/evening.

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