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Book An Escape Challenge For 4+ Kids

Book An Escape Challenge For 4+ Kids

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Book an escape challenge for your clever kids, ages 7 and up!  Each escape challenge session is for groups of 4-8 kids. It includes a briefing and video at the beginning so kids know what to expect, the 30-45 minute challenge, and a photo opportunity at the end.  We have a webcam in the room that you can watch to see how the kids are doing while they are in there.

Click here for a description of the different scenarios.

IMPORTANT:  This reserves the room for the date and time you've selected and pre-pays for the first 4 kids.  If there will be more kids (16 max), someone will need to pay $15 for each additional kid when they arrive.

If there are more than 8 kids, we will break it into two groups.  One group will be playing games in our arcade while the other group is in the escape room.

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