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Science Parties

Birthdays are a big deal to your kid and they are a big deal to us!  Our goal is to make your kiddo's special day the best experience possible. The Science Party package includes:

  • Materials needed for the science activities.
  • At least 1 take-home item from 2-3 lab activities and
  • 90 minutes of our undivided attention

    You are welcome to bring refreshments, ice cream, balloons, goody bags, etc., but all you really need to do is bring a birthday cake/cupcakes and a happy kid!  


    STAFF IS FULLY VACCINATED and face masks are recommended but not mandatory.


    Facility Tour

    If you've never been here before, feel free to contact us to set up an appointment for a tour!!

    Party Pricing

    The cost for the birthday party is $250. A $100 non-refundable deposit is all it takes to secure the date and time for your party! The remaining balance of $150.00 is due at the party.  For an additional cost, we can add goody bags for your guest and additional time for your party. 



      How To Book A Party

        Pick the theme (see below) and date and time you want from our Birthday Party Deposit page, pay the $100 deposit and for any add-ons, and you're all set!!! You pay the remaining balance at the party.

        Number of Party Guests

        The standard science lab setup is for 14 kids and the lab cannot accommodate  more than 14 kids total.  

        Age Range

        Our science parties are designed for kids ages 5 to 7.  They are a drop-off event, but if a guest is age 4 or under, we ask that their parents please stay to assist them.


        Each theme includes the creation of at least one take-home item that goes into their goody bag.  

        • Astronaut Adventure - Learn about Newton's Three Laws of Motion and constellations. Launch a film canister rocket and create your own constellation.
        • Natural Wonders - Learn about types of volcanos, lava, and geysers. Make Lego volcanos erupt, create a big fizzy mess with geysers, and create heat-reactive lava slime.
        • Slime & Glow Time - Learn about chain-type molecules, cross-linkers, and chemiluminescent materials. Make holographic glitter slime, heat reactive slime, puffy glow in the dark slime and fun fluffy slime. 
        • Under The Rainbow - Learn about the electromagnetic spectrum. Explore the world through rainbow light viewers, make rainbow slime, and create chromatographic art.