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Birthday Parties

We host one party at a time at The Scholar Ship, which allows us to give you our undivided attention.  Parties are 90 minutes long and can include up to 15 kids. When the guests arrive, they create their own goody bags and are entertained in our laboratory through hands-on science activities or a timed escape challenge.

After they have conducted some experiments or completed an escape challenge (theme options listed below), we light up the candles, and everyone sings Happy Birthday and enjoys cake time.  

What Each Party Includes

  • 25 paper invitations (or you can use our Evite templates)
  • Balloons
  • Small cake plates, napkins, cups, and utensils
  • Water and lemonade
  • Goody bags, a choice of goody bag items, and any take-homes from the party's activity

All you need to do is bring a birthday cake and a happy kid!  

You are welcome to bring additional refreshments, ice cream, etc. and there is a great pizza place two doors down.

NOTE:  Birthday parties are a drop-off event, but if a guest is age 5 or under, we ask that their parents please stay to assist them.

2017 Pricing

Parties are $225, with a $100 non-refundable deposit due to book it. We also offer three exciting party experience add-ons to choose from for an additional $40:

  • Van de Graaff Generator - Kids enjoy a hair raising experience.
  • Dry Ice Effects - Kids can enjoy the uniquely cold fog, interact with vapor bubbles, and make a giant bubble of their own.
  • Cotton Candy Machine - Kids can enjoy Blue Raspberry and Bubblegum flavored sugar floss.

How To Book A Party

Pick the theme (see below) and date and time you want from our Reserve A Birthday! page, pay the $100 deposit, and you're all set!!!

Which Party Theme Do I Pick?

Science Lab Parties

Pick one of these scientific areas and we will conduct two or three fun hands-on experiments that we know your child and the guests will love!  Each theme includes at least one take-home item (underlined) that goes into their goody bag.  

  • ASTRONAUT ADVENTURE - Learn about Newton's 3 Laws of Motion, make a film canister rocket, launch straw missiles at targets throughout the lab, and make your own constellation.
  • BRRR-ILLIANT - Learn facts about the cold, make fake snow, make snowy slime, and have an indoor snowball fight.  
  • IT'S CRYSTAL CLEAR - Learn about the 7 shapes of crystals and crystal cave formations, make a test tube filled with colorful rubbery crystals, and create salt crystal paintings. 
  • NATURAL WONDERS - Learn about types of volcanos and lava, make Lego volcanos, create a big fizzy mess with geysers, and test out your best earthquake-proof designs on our shake table.
  • SLIME & GLOW TIME - Learn about chain-type molecules, cross-linkers, and chemiluminescent materials, and make glassy glitter slime, and create glowing gak. 
  • UNDER THE RAINBOW - Learn about the electromagnetic spectrum, explore the world through rainbow light viewers, make rainbow slime, rainbow paper, and make rainbow art using a paint spinner. 

Escape Challenge Parties

When all the guests arrive, they are given an explanation of all the rules for the room and a 1-2 minute video is shown that explains the scenario. Then they enter the room, the timer starts, the door to the room is shut, and the kids have a fixed amount of time (30-45 minutes) to solve a series of challenges. There is a "mystery room helper" always available to help the kids out. Groups are entitled to 2 hints per game to help solve any lock or puzzle. The kids are expected to be able to complete it with time to spare, but if they don't they are released from the room when the timer runs out.

These scenarios are recommended for groups of 4-7 kids:

  • Attack of the Locks - A robot from Star Wars is missing and you really need his help.
  • King Tut's Curse - Solve the puzzles so the curse can be lifted.
  • Oh The Places You'll Go - Dr. Seuss hid your ticket to adventure. Can you find it?
  • Raptor's Revenge - Dinosaurs are on the loose and looking for YOUR candy. 
  • Save the Planet - Earth needs you, are you ready to save it?
  • SPYder Heist - Stop the jewel thieves before they run off to another city.
  • Sweet Scavengers -  We hid some candy in the building. Find it before someone else does!
  • Wolf's Den - You are trapped in the Wolf’s Den and you need to get out!