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Boy Scouts

Lab time for Boy Scouts is time well spent!  We offer a unique hands-on opportunity for boys to exercise their interest in science and learn values at the same time.
Cub Scouts can complete the  Sky is the Limit Elective Adventures requirement:
  • Use the Starlight app to explore the night sky.
  • Locate two constellations and find out how it got its name.
  • Create and name your own constellation.
  • Learn about two different jobs related to astronomy.
  • Learn about two astronauts that were Scouts when they were younger.
Wolf Scouts can complete the Air of the Wolf Elective Adventures requirement in three sessions:
Session #1
  • Conduct an investigation about the weight of air.
  • Conduct an investigation about air temperature.
  • Make a paper airplane.
  • Make a balloon-powered boat. 
  • Bounce a basketball that doesn’t have enough air in it.
  • Roll a tire or ball that doesn’t have enough air in it.
Session #2
  • Record and identify the sounds you hear outside. 
  • Create a musical wind instrument, and play it as part of a den band.
  • Conduct an investigation on how speed can affect sound.
Session #3
  • Explain the rules for safely flying kites.
  • Make a kite using household materials.
  • Explain how air helps the vehicle move.
  • With den or pack, have a kite derby.
Wolf Scouts can complete the Motor Away  Elective Adventures requirement:
  • Create and fly three different types of paper airplanes.
  • Make a paper airplane catapult. 
  • Make two different boats and sail them.
  • Create a car that moves under its own power.
Bear Scouts can complete the Make It Move  Elective Adventures requirement in two sessions:
Session #1
  • Create an “exploding” craft stick reaction.
  • Make two simple pulleys, and use them to move objects.
  • Make a lever by creating a seesaw using a spool and a wooden paint stirrer. 
Session #2
  • Watch three videos that are great examples of Rube Goldberg machines.
  • Draw a 6+ step Rube Goldberg–type machine.
  • Construct a real Rube Goldberg–type machine, using at least two simple machines.
Webelos can complete the third part of the Adventures in Science Elective Adventures requirement in two sessions:
Session #1
  • Create two circuits of three light bulbs and a battery, with one as a series circuit and the other as a parallel circuit.
  • Explore safe chemical reactions with household materials. 
Session #2
  • Build and launch a model rocket. 
  • Explore properties of motion on a playground. 
Each session takes 60 minutes to complete and  can be conducted on weekdays at 3:30pm or 6pm and weekends at 9am.  If you want to book a session for your group, contact us and we'll add you to the calendar and each parent can pay for their kid in advance from the labs page or when they arrive.