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Escape Challenge Birthday

Do you have a clever kid that is looking for something to do with a small group of friends for their birthday? Sign them up for our Escape Challenge birthday package!  


Parties are 75 minutes long.  They include a briefing and video at the beginning, a 45 minute game session, and a cake and photo opportunity at the end.  

What is an Escape Challenge? It is a game primarily designed for small groups of 4-7 people ages 8-18.  They work together to find clues and solve puzzles so they can escape a locked room in less than 45 minutes. Groups of 8 or more are divided into two rooms and have to communicate with eachother (yes, through a door!) to help one of the two groups escape a room.

Cell phones are not permitted in the game room.  Any violations of the game rules will result in the termination of the game and/or a liability to pay for broken or damaged items.