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Girl Scouts

Lab time for Girl Scouts is time well spent!  We offer a unique hands-on opportunity for girls to exercise their interest in science and learn values at the same time.
Daisies can earn these petals (60 minute sessions, $8 per kiddo) doing these fun experiments:
  • Tula - Learn about courage and strength from astronaut Mae Jemison and conduct Astronaut Adventure experiments  
  • Gloria - Learn about respecting others and yourself by making Bath Bombs.
  • Clover - Learn about using resources wisely through a Model Aquifer experiment
  • Rosie - Learn about making the world a better place through Water Filtration and Monitoring experiments
Brownies can earn their Brownie Quest Home Scientist badge (90 minute session, $10 per kiddo) doing these fun experiments:
  • Kitchen Scientists will test the acidity of different kinds of drinks
  • Create Static Electricity using a Van De Graaff generator
  • Dive Into Density with liquid rainbows
  • Make Something Bubble Up using mini geysers
  • Play With Science by making rainbow butter slime

Each petal or badge takes 60-90 minutes to complete and can be conducted on weekdays at 3:30pm or 6pm and weekends at 9am.  If you want to book a session for your group, contact us and we'll add you to the calendar and each parent can pay for their kid in advance from the labs page or when they arrive.