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Chemistry, Earth Science, Biology
Physics Computer Science
1 Metamorphic Rocks

What is Physics? Structure and History of the Universe

History & Hardware


2 Sedimentary Rocks Newton's 1st Law - Inertia, Linear Motion Algorithms
3 Igneous Rocks
Newton's 2nd Law - Constant Acceleration and Free Fall



4 Crystals
Newton's 3rd Law - Momentum, Collisions



5 Sense of Smell
Work and Energy, Energy Conservation
Data Fields & Storage
6 Sense of Touch
Rotational Motion, Angular Momentum

Boolean Logic


7 Sense of Hearing
Torque and Equilibrium, Gravity
8 Sense of Sight
Satellite motion, Solar system, Universe, Projectile Motion on Earth's surface
Project Part A
9 Sense of Taste
Electricity, Electrostatics, Electric Field, Electric Current and Circuits
Project Part B
Sense of Time
Magnetism and Magnetic Forces
Project Part C