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Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

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Would you like to gift some time at The Scholar Ship to a lucky kid?!? You can do that! Just select the dollar amount (in multiples of 10) and then enter the kid's name and their parent's email address in the Cart page. We will then send a digital gift certificate to them that never expires!

If you are looking for an amount to send, based on the child's interest, these are our offerings:

  • Kid's Night Out - $20 per person and runs from 6-10:30pm on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Saturday of every month. The price includes pizza, drinks, and a cookie.
  • Camps - $50 per day and are offered on school holidays and over summer break. The price includes snacks, beverages, and lab materials.
  • Escape Room - $15 per person and is offered on several days and times each week.
  • Birthday Parties - $100 down and the remaining $150 is due on the day of the party.
  • Birthday Party Add-Ons - $40 and you can choose from either a dry ice experience or cotton candy made right there in the lab for all the guests.

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