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About the Lab

The lab is a private 1,200 square foot facility with:

  • An outdoor seating area with 2 picnic tables.
  • A modern-day arcade with 10 laptops, 20 XBOXes, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 Virtual Reality.
  • A lab area with stainless steel tables, 20 lab stools, and a 12' long stainless counter.
  • An eclectic escape room in the back of the facility with unique fixtures for hiding clues that stretch those critical thinking muscles in your brain.
  • A large handicap accessible unisex restroom for guests. 

Just one lab session, camp, birthday party, or escape challenge is conducted at a time, which allows your child's group to always get our undivided attention!

Check out my video tours!! You can tell the place has evolved over the years:

2018 Gaming Party Setup

2018 Birthday Party Setup

2017 Kid's Night Out Tour

2016 Original Tour

2016 Birthday Party Ad