A hands-on science lab for kids!
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Each camp revolves around a unique theme and includes lots of fun activities.  Kids get to take home kits and/or creations to show off what they learned! 

Included in the price of camp is lab materials, transportation costs (if there is a field trip), twice daily snacks, and beverages. Camp begins at 9am and activities in the lab end at 4pm. 

    We offer a 10% discount if you sign up multiple kids OR for multiple weeks. Just use the code MULTICAMPER at checkout!

    Camp size is always 15 kids max.

    IMPORTANT:  Parents need to complete a Registration Form for each child that will be attending camp.  Additionally:

    • If a Parent/Caregiver arrives before 8:30am or after 5pm, they will be assessed a fee of $10 for that day, per child, payable at the end of the day.
    • If a Parent/Caregiver drops off a child without a lunch, they will be assessed a fee of $5 for that day, per child, to compensate for the lunch that gets provided to them, payable at end of the day.



      • Candy Crazy (Good Friday) - Conduct experiments with taffy and sour candy, make art with Skittles, peel an M&M, create gummy bear rainbows, and make cotton candy and a traditional Indian candy from scratch.  Includes a candy themed Escape Challenge.


      • Game Time (June 2) - Have fun playing lots of different kinds of STEM logic games. Do an Escape Challenge, solve a mystery as Jr. Detectives, participate in a Science Scavenger Hunt, show us what they know in Genius Jeopardy, learn some Cool Card Tricks, ask and answer 20 Questions, play a Space Travel game, and more!

      Summer (June - August)

      • Bubbling Curiosity (June 5-9, July 10-14) - Find out how moving molecules around can totally astound you through super water absorbers, magic floating sand, hydrophilic water gel, super slime, ice cream, finding the secret air bubbles in candy, and more. Includes a candy themed Escape Challenge. On the final day we'll visit a local candy factory!
      • Motion Commotion (June 12-16, July 17-21) - Kids will learn all about what makes things move this week and make some really cool stuff like a hovercraft, derby car, steam engine, solar rover, homopolar motor, several rollercoasters, bridges, and catapults. Includes a prank themed Escape Challenge. On the final day we'll design and build a Rube Goldberg machine!
      • Developing Skills (June 19-23, July 24-28) - Team up and create a fully functioning video game while you learn about storyboarding, scenes, characters, loops and logic, sequencing, animation, keyboard interaction, and music. Includes a coding themed Escape Challenge. On the final day we'll show off what each team has created!
      • Wacky Weather (June 26-30, July 31-August 4) - Future meteorologists wanted! We will spend the week learning all about the weather including barometric pressure, cloud formations, weather systems and fronts, El Nino and La Nina, polar vortex, hail, snow, and sleet, hurricanes, tornados, ozone, and ultraviolet light. Includes a weather themed Escape Challenge. On the final day we'll meet a real weather forecaster and make our own forecasts on a green screen!
      • Sense Detectors (July 3-7, August 7-11) - Kids get to learn the science behind sight and sound including compression and rarefaction, wavelength and frequency, pitch and octaves, consonant vs. dissonant tone, amplitude and decibels, types of instruments, depth perception, light diffraction, the Electromagnetic Spectrum, facial recognition software, and lasers and diffusion mist. Includes a spy themed Escape Challenge. On the final day we'll use our skills to solve a murder mystery!