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Arcade Time

Instead of spending a $100 on just a few arcade games for a couple of hours, your kids can spend an entire morning, afternoon, evening, or whole day at our arcade for a fraction of the price! We have all the games your kids are obsessed with like Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, Slime Ranchers, Plants vs Zombies, Mario Kart, and more!!
For the daytime kiddos, we offer daily Minecraft challenges and have a learning lab where they can get a coding lesson on a Kano Pixel or Harry Potter Wand or learn how to create a game in Scratch. 
To sign up -> Go to our Arcade Time page and select a morning, afternoon, or evening time slot! If your kiddo wants to be here for a full day, go back to the page and select the other time slot for that day too.  :-)


What is the age range?
Our facility and daytime lessons are designed for kids ages 8 and up.  

How many kids can participate?
We keep it small with just 26 kids max.  There are always at least 3 employees on site to help ensure your kid is safe and happy.

Can I tour your facility?
Sure! Just email or call/text me at 512-333-4684 and we can arrange a time to meet that is convenient for you. 
    Do you provide food and drinks?
    We do not make meals onsite, but we do provide water and dry snacks for the kiddos.  Additionally, we have pizza and cookies delivered from Domino's on Saturday nights, and have food delivery service options you can signup for on weekdays.