A hands-on science lab for kids!
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Each camp revolves around a unique theme and includes lots of fun activities.  Kids get to take home kits and/or creations to show off what they learned! 

Included in the price of camp is lab materials, twice daily snacks, and beverages. Counselor to camper ratio is always 1:8 max.

Doors open at 8:30am and we start packing up for the day at 5:30pm. Lab activities are from 9am-4pm and are designed for kids ages 7 and up.

IMPORTANT:  Parents need to complete a Registration Form for each child that will be attending camp.  Additionally:

  • If a Parent/Caregiver arrives before 8:30am or after 5:30pm, they will be assessed a fee of $7 for that day, per child, payable at the end of the day.
  • If a Parent/Caregiver drops off a child without a lunch, they will be assessed a fee of $5 for that day, per child, to compensate for the lunch that gets provided to them, payable at end of the day.



    • Science Fair (January 3-5) - Kids follow the Scientific Method all the way through Hypothesis to Conclusion in the lab and complete their project board on the final day.
    • Great Escape Camp (January 8) - Participate in two escape challenges and then learn how to create one from scratch that parents will get to do at the end of the day!
    • Space Camp (January 15) - Learn about planets, constellations, phases of the moon, gravitational forces, rockets, life on the International Space Station, becoming an astronaut, and challenges of space travel.
    • Minecraft Camp (February 19-20) - For all levels of Minecraft users, we cover how to survive the game, how be a good farmer, all about Redstone, how to make mods and hacks, and setup cooperative play.


    • Crystal Making Camp (March 12-16) - Create over a dozen different types of crystals as you learn about super saturated solutions and nucleation.  Kids take home every crystal they make!
    • Game Time (May 28) - Have fun playing lots of different kinds of STEM logic games. Do an Escape Challenge, participate in a Science Scavenger Hunt, play Kahoot, learn some Cool Card Tricks, and more!

    Summer Camps (June-August) 

    • GirlSTEM Bubbling Curiosity (Girls Only, June 4-8) - Find out how mixing solid and liquid molecules together can create something astounding. Includes a candy themed Escape Challenge and on the final day we'll have a field trip to a local pizza parlor to make our own pizzas!
    • GirlSTEM Motion Commotion (Girls Only, June 11-15) - Kids will learn all about what makes things move, create some machines of our own, and on the final day we'll design and build a Rube Goldberg machine!
    • GirlSTEM Wacky Weather (Girls Only, June 18-22) - Future meteorologists wanted! We will learn all about the weather and on the final day we'll simulate different weather conditions and make our own forecasts on a green screen!
    • GirlSTEM Sense Detectives (Girls Only, June 25-29) - Kids get to learn the science behind sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound. On the final day we'll use our skills to solve a murder mystery! 
    • Game On Gaming & Coding (Boys and Girls, July 2 - August 17) - We are all about Minecraft training and theme-based challenges in the mornings and Scratch coding in the afternoons to create games of our own. These are the design themes for each week:
      • July 2-6 - Mushroom Mansions
      • July 9-13 - Star Wars
      • July 16-20 - Underwater Base
      • July 23-27 - Metropolis
      • July 30-August 3 - Amusement Park
      • August 6-10 - Hobbit Shire
      • August 13-17 - Hogwarts


    • Maker My Day (Columbus Day) - Kids learn how to bring cool projects to life by creating paper automata, models, and electronic gadgets.