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Don't have a birthday coming up, but you would like to invite your kiddo and his/her friends to do an experiment in our lab? We can do that!  

There must be at least 5 kids in attendance, but no more than 16 kids total.  All labs are $10 per person.  Go to our Reserve Lab Time! page to book and select the theme, date, and time for your group. 

Lab sessions for kids last 45-60 minutes.  These are the labs that are available: 

  • ASTRONAUT ADVENTURE - Learn about Newton's Laws of Motion and constellations.  Launch a film canister rocket and create your own constellation. 
  • IT'S CRYSTAL CLEAR - Learn about osmosis, crystals, and solutions. Make colorful, expanding rubbery crystals that go into a rainbow crystal tube and beautiful crystal paintings.
  • NATURAL WONDERS - Learn about the geology behind volcanos and geysers.  Make Lego volcanos, film canister geysers, and heat reactive lava slime. 
  • SHOCKINGLY GOOD TIME - Learn about electric fields and forces.  Conduct positive and negative charge experiments with a Van De Graaf generator.
  • SLIME & GLOW TIME - Learn about chemical bonds, quantum leaps, and non-Newtonian substances. Make super glitter slime and glow in the dark cloud slime. 
  • SPA PRODUCT LAB - Learn about the ingredients used in beauty products. Make your own custom lip balm and bath bomb using 100% pure and natural ingredients. 
  • UNDER THE RAINBOW - Explore the world through rainbow light viewers, make iridescent rainbow paper and a rainbow of slime.