A hands-on science lab for kids!
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Don't have a birthday coming up, but you would like to invite your kiddo and his/her friends to do an experiment in our lab? We can do that!  

There must be at least 5 kids in attendance, but no more than 20 kids total.  All labs are $10 per person.  Go to our Reserve Lab Time! page to book and select the theme, date, and time for your group. 

Benefits of Lab Time For Your Child

  • Hands-on learning can ignite a lifelong love for science and help develop a deeper focus!  When asked, most people who go into scientific fields generally learned to love science as children.  Giving them something to build on is crucial at this phase in their lives.  
  • Get a science advantage.  Our hands-on science labs build on kids’ natural curiosity, using fun, messy activities to inspire kids to think creatively about their world.  We have a low teacher-to-student ratio so all questions can be asked and answered.
  • Develop laboratory confidence. They learn to apply the scientific method and use science equipment in a laboratory setting. 
  • Grow.  They develop vocabulary and build a solid learning foundation in chemistry, physics, astronomy, life sciences, geology, engineering, and more.

Lab sessions for kids last 50-75 minutes.  These are the labs that are available:

  • ASTRONAUT ADVENTURE - Learn about magnetic fields and Newton's Laws of Motion.  Make a film canister rocket and create and launch straw missiles at targets throughout the lab. (Ages 5 & Up)
  • BEAUTIFUL MUSIC - Learn about wavelengths, pitch, frequency, amplitude. Use tuning forks, pans, water to experiment with music and make your own kazoo. (Ages 5 & Up)
  • BRRR-ILLIANT - Learn about state changes in matter.  Experiment with supercooled water, make fake snow, and learn how to play hot and cold tricks on your body. (Ages 5 & Up)
  • BUBBLING CURIOSITY - Learn about surface tension, cohesion, hydrophobic and hydrophilic substances, and Boyle's Law.  Bend water, use super water absorbers, make Cartesian divers, and interact with magic floating sand. (Ages 5 & Up)
  • EGYPTIAN CHALLENGE - Learn about simple machines.  Make pulleys that can lift heavy objects, design an inclined plane, find the best way to get a pinewood car to its destination.  (Ages 8 & Up)
  • FOOD FANATICS Find out if your favorite snacks are an acid or a base, experiment with candy, and make ooblek. (Ages 5 & Up)
  • IT'S CRYSTAL CLEAR - Learn about osmosis, crystals, and solutions. Make colorful, expanding rubbery crystals that go into a rainbow crystal tube and beautiful crystal paintings. (Ages 5 & Up)
  • I'VE SEEN THE LIGHT Explore the world through rainbow light viewers, make colorful light spinners, and make planetary art using glow in the dark solar beads. (Ages 5 & Up)
  • NATURAL WONDERS - Learn about the geology behind volcanos and geysers.  Make crazy alien volcanos and geysers. (Ages 5 & Up)
  • SHOCKINGLY GOOD TIME - Learn about electric forces.  Conduct positive and negative charge experiments with a Van De Graaf generator. (Ages 8 & Up)
  • SLIME & GLOW TIME - Learn about chemical bonds and quantum leaps. Make super glitter slime and glow in the dark bouncy balls. (Ages 5 & Up)
  • SPA PRODUCT LAB - Learn about the ingredients used in beauty products. Make your own custom lip balm and bath bomb using 100% pure and natural ingredients. (Ages 8 & Up)