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Homeschooler Sessions

Being a homeschool parent, its not too hard to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic from home, but science is always a challenge. Not too many people are able or willing to create a full-scale science lab in their home. That's why sending your child to science lessons here makes a lot of sense! To provide your child the best experience possible, I keep my instructor to student ratio low and allow no more than 8 students per lab.




At the end of each session, students are given a certificate of completion that identifies which scientific principles were covered.  

Smaller Scholars are ages 5-8 and Taller Scholars are ages 8 and up. If you have an 8 year old, I will let you decide which group he or she should belong with -- your choice should be based on maturity level and ability to catch on to complex subjects. 

You will need to complete an EMERGENCY CONTACT FORM before your kid(s) attend their first lab.