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Homeschoolers - Fall Session 2016

Fall Session - September 7th to November 11th

How each lab is structured:  The Smaller Scholars (ages 5-8) do the green level experiments. Middle Scholars (ages 8-12) and Taller Scholars (ages 12-16) do green and purple level experiments.

WEEK 1 - Astronaut Adventure
Smaller, Middle,
& Taller Scholars 
Subject: Gravity and Mass
Activity: Rockets
Middle & Taller Scholars Subject: Magnetic Fields
Activity: Magnetic Field Viewers
Taller Scholars Only Subject: Vectors
Activity: Balloon Rocket Races
WEEK 2 - Natural Wonders
Smaller, Middle,
& Taller Scholars 
Subject: Texas Insects and animals
Activity: Bird Habitats
Middle & Taller Scholars Subject: Texas Plants
Activity: Grass Art, Burn Gel, Sun Prints
Taller Scholars Only Subject: Texas Geology and Geography
Activity: 3D Topo maps
WEEK 3 - Brrr-illiant
Smaller, Middle,
& Taller Scholars 
Subject: Insulation and Arctic Animals
Activity: Blubber Gloves
Middle & Taller Scholars  Subject: Weather Conditions
Activity: Fake Snow
Taller Scholars Only Subject: Sublimation
Activity: Dry Ice
WEEK 4 - Deception Perception
Smaller, Middle,
& Taller Scholars 
Subject: Temperature (Touch)
Activity: Hot and Cold Water
Middle & Taller Scholars

Subject: Refraction and Magnification (Sight)
Activity: Periscope, Penny Drop, Disappearing Beaker

Taller Scholars Only Subject: Deductive Reasoning (Taste, Smell, Hearing)
Activity: Smell Test, Taste Test, Sound Check
WEEK 5 - Food Fanatics
Smaller, Middle,
& Taller Scholars 
Subject: Density and Iron Fortification
Activity: Rainbow Layers, Cereal Testing
Middle & Taller Scholars Subject: Acidity and Alkalinity
Activity: ph Testing
Taller Scholars Only Subject: Maillard Reaction and Spherification
Activity: Pancakes, Edible Bubbles
WEEK 6 - I've Seen The Light
Smaller, Middle,
& Taller Scholars 
Subject: Photochromic Materials
Activity: UV Bead Bracelets
Middle & Taller Scholars  Subject: Electromagnetic Spectrum
Activity: Radiometer
Taller Scholars Only Subject: Diffraction and Chemiluminescence Activity: Rainbow Viewers, Glowing Bouncy Balls
WEEK 7 - Motion Commotion  
Smaller, Middle,
& Taller Scholars 
Subject: Energy
Activity: Hovercrafts
Middle & Taller Scholars Subject: Combustion
Activity: Steam Engines
Taller Scholars Only Subject: Electro-magnetism
Activity: Electric Motors
WEEK 8 - Shockingly Good Time 
Smaller, Middle,
& Taller Scholars 
Subject: Electric Fields and Forces
Activity: Dancing Bubbles, Magic Balloon, Sky High Pie, Crackle and Pop Storm
Middle & Taller Scholars Subject: Electrostatic Motor
Activity: Motor Magic
Taller Scholars Only Subject: Corona Discharge
Activity: Hair Raising Experience
WEEK 9 - Spa Product Lab
Smaller, Middle,
& Taller Scholars 
Subject: Surfactants and Essential Oils
Activity: Body Wash
Middle & Taller Scholars Subject: Chemical Reactions
Activity: Bath Bomb
Taller Scholars Only Subject: Emollients and Emulsifiers
Activity: Lip Balm 
WEEK 10 - Unraveling Toys  
Smaller, Middle,
& Taller Scholars 
Subject: Newton's Laws of Motion
Activity: Catapults
Middle & Taller Scholars  Subject: Potential and Kinetic Energy
Activity: Rollercoasters
Taller Scholars Only Subject: Engineering
Activity: Rube Goldberg Machine


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