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Homeschoolers - Spring Session 2017

Spring Session - February 15th to May 4th

These are the topics for each week of the Spring 2017 session:

NOTE:  Smaller scholars are ages 5-8 and Taller scholars are ages 8 and up. If you have an 8 year old, I will let you decide which group he or she should belong with. 

WEEK 1 - Atlantis Design Challenge  (Feb. 15 & 16)
Smaller & Taller Scholars 
Subject: Bioluminescence
Activity: Glow in the Dark Plants
Taller Scholars  Subject: Pressure
Activity: Domes
WEEK 2 - Beautiful Music   
(Feb. 22 & 23)
Smaller & Taller Scholars
Subject: Sound and Wavelength
Activity: Tuning Forks, Kazoos
Taller Scholars Subject: Frequency, Pitch, 
Amplitude, Intensity, and Decibels
Activity: Drums, Boomwhackers, Zoob Tubes
WEEK 3 - Bubbling Curiosity  (Mar. 1 & 2)
Smaller & Taller Scholars 
Subject: Temperature and Osmosis
Activity: Drip Drop, Rubber Marbles, Ooblek
Taller Scholars Subject: Density, Shear Force, 
Surface Tension and Boyle's Law
Activity: Liquid Layers, 
Penny Spill, Cartesian Divers and Propellers
WEEK 4 - Egyptian Challenge (Mar. 8 & 9)
Smaller & Taller Scholars 
Subject: Inclined Planes and Wedges
Activity: Race To the Finish
Taller Scholars Subject: Levers, Screws, Pulleys 
Activity: Break Us Apart, I'm So Thirsty, Lift Me Up
WEEK 5 - How Sweet It Is  (Mar. 22 & 23)
Smaller & Taller Scholars 
Subject: Sweeteners
Activity: Watermelon Gum
Taller Scholars  Subject: Softeners, Flavors, Citric Acid, Gum Base
Activity: Mint Gum, Sour Fruit Gum
WEEK 6 - It's Crystal Clear  (Mar. 29 & 30)
Smaller & Taller Scholars 
Subject: Osmosis and Solutions
Activity: Rainbow Crystal Tube, Salt Paintings
Taller Scholars Subject: Supersaturated Solutions, Nucleation
Activity: Crystal Geodes, Giant Crystals
WEEK 7 - Natural Wonders  (Apr. 5 & 6)
Smaller & Taller Scholars 
Subject: Earth's Layers, Volcanos, Geysers
Activity: Edible Planet, Crazy Alien Volcanos, Geysers
Taller Scholars  Subject: Plate Tectonics, Seismology
Activity: Plate Movement, Shake Table
WEEK 8 - Slime and Glow Time   (Apr. 19 & 20)
Smaller & Taller Scholars 
Subject: State Changes
Activity: Super Slime
Taller Scholars  Subject: Polymers, Quantum Energy
Activity: Glowing Balls, Light Sticks
WEEK 9 - Strong Structures  (Apr. 26 & 27)
Smaller & Taller Scholars 
Subject: Parts of an Arch
Activity: Arches
Taller Scholars  Subject: Compression, Tension, Shear, and Torsion
Activity: Towers and Bridges
WEEK 10 - Wacky Weather   (May 3 & 4)
Smaller & Taller Scholars 
Subject: Cloud Formations
Activity: Weather Forecaster
Taller Scholars Subject: Types of Precipitation, 
Currents, Fronts, and Barometric Pressure
Activity: Make It Rain, Tiny Tornadoes, Foggy Day, Convection Currents, Indoor Lightning


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